Friday, April 29, 2011

most worn & loved

dressing-up has become a lot fun and lately comes really natural. i like putting fun pieces together and being as unique as possible all while maintaining a modest look. in a world where so many things are short and revealing, creativity is required to keep it cute, chaste and unique. basically it requires some layering. at least this has worked for me for church and everyday style.

here are a few pieces i love to wear and use often. friends would know. 

1. most worn lip gloss/lipstick.
i'm in loving Victoria Secret's Pretty. i wear it everyday. i usually pair it with VS Blush Lip-gloss for a nice natural look.
2. most worn earrings.
i'm not all into small earrings cause i have so much hair and they get lost in there, but i really love wearing some F21 gold heart-shaped earrings. they are really unique and work with almost anything.

3. most worn top/shirt.
well i'm kinda into dresses right now and short-dresses that i make into tops. so i layer it and mix it in a bit. 

4. most worn nail polish.
i'm loving this brick red-ish one i bought at a bargain the other day. really into colorful tones for spring and summer.

5. most worn shoes. 
tough choice cause i love so many. but my new pastel sandals are definitely my favorite right now.

6. most worn necklace.
i'm really into necklaces too, but this is definitely one i love and wear often. i actually fell in love with it the minute i saw on my sister and since it's been mine. 

7. most worn perfume/lotion.
i really like Victoria Secret and i'm ODing on her Pink and Dream Angels Heavenly. but really is because im out of covet by SJP.

8. most worn handbag/purse.
i love big purses... or so i thought. the minute i spotted this baby at a thrift shop, i loved it immediately. i bought it and had my buddy john, who conviniently works at a shoe and purse repair shop, give it a face lift. it has been my best companion since. 

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”
coco chanel 

i love to wear many other things, but i thought i share a few. since i was tagged on this post series i'm supposed to tag others, but i can't pick... so i pass it on to all of you. im sure we can all learn from each other. 

have a fun weekend lovelies!


  1. This is a really great post idea! And that's a lovely necklace. I'm jealous of it. :-P

  2. You look darling. Love that ring. Want to mail it me? :)

    P.S. I can not wait for the much anticipated album release. I'm sure it will be such a relief for you to finally have it out there! Please let me know when you do. We need to hear your voice!

    Have a beautiful weekend!

    P.S.S. Love the profile pic. Very cute.

  3. and darling, classy and fabulous you are!! you look divine in these photos! xo.

  4. thank you for your comment :)! i think i really have to buy the lipstick now!

    i love that ring!!!

  5. I love these pictures! great answers ;)

    PS- I so remember that bag! it was in our first thrift adventure! right? hehe

  6. yes, yes... I have the same lip gloss. I love the shade... and your dress too!

  7. I just love to read what other people us e for makeup and perfume etc...I guess that's why we love blogging ;0 Thank you for I am out to smell some of the perfumes you mentioned!

  8. Super cute post, love all the images. Haven't tried VS makeup before. May have to now


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