About Me

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. I am Jennifer.

I'm a simple girl thoroughly in love with Jesus, singing and my full head of curls. My singing voice is my instrument and I'm currently part of a band called Kairos, a spanish singing Christian worship group. 

other than that...
I am highly involved in my church, as a worship and youth leader. Sharing a message with young teens from my church it's very inspiring and gives me the opportunity to encourage them as they grow.

what led me to blog... I started this blog over a year ago and it has been an avenue to share about life as well as meet an incredible community of people. As I share about the adventure of living and the different things God is doing in my life, I've been discovering beautiful things inside me and learning to express them as God brings them about.  

I am learning what it means to walk by faith, to surrender and the true meaning of praising Him in the storms. I'm hoping that through this journey I could encourage someone out there. 

thank you for visiting, reading and being patient as I develop this new love of blogging!