Friday, March 25, 2011

i sing. i fashion

I know I talk about my singing adventures here, but since I’m usually all over the topic realm in this blog, I felt it was ok to throw in some FASHION.

I wore this look for work yesterday and felt great it in. Very comfortable. And most importantly very “me”. Then I went for the photos and realized how awkward I can be.  

I hope you like it.

Details on the look:
Thrifted blazer
Earrings and Necklace: F21
Ring: H&M
Shoes: Ann Taylor
Dress: bargain find!

PS: Special thanks to Maj for taking the pictures. You are the best girl!


  1. Thes are great photos girl! You have great style!

  2. looks great on you! nice style :)

  3. I loooe it ;) and the blazer! <3!

  4. Oooo you're such a doll! What a darling outfit!


  5. Love your images and the necklace! Just came across your blog for the first time and it's lovely. Great post! Have a wonderful weekend. x

  6. thanks for your comment girl! your blog is awesome.. love that you embrace singing & style, two of my favorite things as well :)

  7. Your hair is adorable, and you put your outfit together great. Looks fantastic on you.

    Thanks so much for the comment you left-I'm glad it has not happened to you, and continue to wait for the man God has in store for you. He will be PERFECT for you.

    P.S. Thanks for following. :)

  8. those shoes are so cute! perfect for spring :)

  9. you girls are awesome! thank you :)


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