Wednesday, April 27, 2011

lunch break fun

Sometimes during my lunch break I sit by a picnic table on the back of our office building. I've recently been reading David Platt's Radical: Taking our Faith Back from the American Dream and I can't put it down. I discovered the book through the blog a heart abandoned. She is studying it with a a group of young girls and so I took the challenge. I'm really glad I did. The message is very convicting and has blessed me. Here's an excerpt from chapter 4: 
Every saved person this side of heaven owes the gospel to every person this side of hell. We owe Christ to the world -- to the least person and to the greatest person, to the best person and to the worst person. We are in debt to the nations. Encompassed with this debt, though, in our contemporary approach to missions, we have subtly taken ourselves out from under the weight of a lost and dying world, wrung our hands in pious concern, and said, "I'm sorry. I'm just not called to that."
The result is tragic. A majority of individuals supposedly saved from eternal damnation by the gospel are now sitting back and making excuses for not sharing that gospel with the rest of the world.
But what if we don't need to sit back and wait and wait for a call to foreign missions? What if the very reason we have breath is because we have been saved for a global mission? And what if anything less than passionate involvement in global mission is actually selling God short by frustrating the very purpose for which he created us?
Aren't those words challenging? And convicting? They've challenged me and I'm praying for a new passion to reach a lost world! Pray with me. 

Before I go, I'll leave with this... 

...Sometimes during our lunch break Maj takes out her camera and we have a good 20 minutes of photo-fun. I've recently discovered her talent of making faces...  

Isn't she talented? 

PS: did you notice the droppings on the bench? Don't worry I didn't sit on any :)


  1. hahaha I just noticed the droppings! you both look SUPER CUTE & ADORABLE! I love this :) and purple looks good on you girl ;)

  2. Just the title of that book alone is enough for me to want to read it!

  3. Negita te ves super bien! te quiero mucho! Besos

  4. Uhm gosh your hair is gorgeous! That book sounds really good... I should have our small group look into it :)

  5. Jennifer, I was so moved by your comment. I wanted to email you but see no contact link here. I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you!

  6. YOU ARE ADORABLE! I love these pictures!!!!!! <3 Keep serving the Lord! Your heart on fire for Him encourages me so much!

  7. very nice..Love the pics and the shoes!! very fashionable.. love Yame

  8. These pics of you reading Radical at lunch make me so very happy! Glad you're loving it!

  9. gorgeous photos and you look amazing in purple! x


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