Wednesday, February 29, 2012

leap year day randomness

i never really took notice of this day or even considered it important. but i particularly like this extra day we get this year because it came in a season of blessings and special treats from my father in heaven. i take it as no coincidence that so many special once-in-a-lifetime opportunities are coming at me from everywhere and i know it's the result of god's work in my life and my continuous desire to serve him, better.

and because this day is special here's some special links and things that really made me think this morning:

stuff christian girls say, is it really that funny or does it represent a weak area in us
should christian girls flirt? 

and here's the best quote i got today:

"God makes me sexy!"

i laughed. and agreed.

and finally a video

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  1. such a beautiful picture of you!

    ps: the article about christianity and flirting is pretty interesting, thanks for sharing.


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