Thursday, March 1, 2012

favorite movie quote - the help

if every little girl in the world would hear this when growing up it would make the greatest difference in their life. this coming from a woman who heard so much negative comments i growing up. some parents, unfortunately, don't know any better, and with their words, curse their daughters to futures of low self-esteem and possibly self-loathing.

have you been a victim of such word abuse?

you know if one thing i learn in these years of life, is that you have a choice of how you react to things and you have a choice as to how you let something cling to you. you don't have to still hold on to those thoughts or those words that brought you down. you don't have to feel inferior. you are who you are and you are important. you don't have to regret that years that you thought wrong, but start from fresh today and you will feel like all those years were not wasted but rather part of the plan.

today is the beginning of the season of blooming flowers and some rain showers.

let your spirit and soul bloom into the beauty that it was meant to enjoy. the true beauty that it was meant to express. 

let the words of Abilene stay with you and never leave you:

"you is kind, you is smart, you is important" 

you are what you say 
(declare with your mouth)
and what you believe you are 
(what you think & let others make you think)

and most importantly never forget you are worth the blood of Christ

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