Friday, December 16, 2011

things of old have a way with me

i'm an old soul.
and once in awhile i listen to music of old.
big band.
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it's so pleasant to listen to. smooth. fine-tuned.
and i envision myself in twirly dresses. red lipstick. swinging side to side.
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recently some long-time friends and i, celebrated our decade of friendship by doing a fun 
40s concept photo shoot.
and it was the sweetest experience. i'm glad to know them for so long and to be able to have this kind of fun that will be with us for years to come. we are thinking the next time we do will be in 10 more years... can't wait to see how that will look. 


  1. aww! what a fun photo shoot! all of you guys look so fabulous:) and i'm an old soul too. i watch lawrence welk every saturday with my grandpa and i sort of wish i lived in that world...:)

  2. Courtney, that is such a cute thing to do with your granpa.

    Natalie, it totally was the coolest idea. It was so much fun and very worth it. Now we have a little keepsake to share as friends.

  3. can you guys be any cooler? I loveee this idea!

  4. ah, that is BEYOND lovely!

    i adore this :)

  5. aww thanks Ana. we are not all that cool, it was definitely the era and the trains... definitely the trains!!!

    and Beka, thanks for passing by. I'm kinda drooling over your etsy shop and playlist right now :)


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