Monday, December 19, 2011

my new friend the bicycle

i kinda want this bike
yesterday afternoon i learned to ride a bike, for the first time. it only took me 27 years, and although i should perhaps feel lame, i feel cooler than a 5-year-old. i dont know what was more exciting, that all my friends were staring at me after they forced me to get on the bike and learn, or the fact that i was comfortable enough to take the risk and do something that i feared. this was something that i connected to a childhood that deprived me of many things and somehow i chose never to go back there. but i did. i faced it like a brave girl and i feel relieved.

i no longer have to hide behind that silly thing. i no longer need to look back with complaints. i am free of that blame game. it's funny that a bike could do that to me. but im relieved, because victory came in the form of a small, perhaps silly, accomplishment, but at the same time, it has come to prove that a big battle has been won. i really have started on a path to becoming a new me. one with less fears, one less afraid to face them, a girl on the lighter side of things. one willing to kick insecurities in the butt and enjoy everyday life.

who's with me? [practically screaming here]

i know im not alone in overcoming fears and learning later that they were tied to so many other things. but to win, i learned, it just takes that step of faith and that desire to break away from it.

what kind of fears have you overcome?


  1. Glad you finally learned to ride a bike! I've been riding since I could walk (of course my dad did professional cycling when he was younger), and am in love with it =) And I love what you meant about facing our fear and insecurities!

  2. congratulations, my dear, on facing off those things one by one and kicking insecurities in the butt. :)

  3. thanks girls! it was definitely a sweet accomplishment. not only did i enjoy it and now want to purchase a bike, but i love the push it gave me to fight silly insecurities and fears.


  4. YEAH! This is awesome! Any time that you can learn something new (AND overcome insecurities) is an AMAZING TIME!

  5. Thanks Ashley! And you are right, when we overcome fears is the best feeling in the world.

    @Funmilayo -- thanks for stopping by. Yeah that is a nice bike. I wouldn't mind getting it as a gift. :)


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