Tuesday, December 20, 2011

lots of glam, food and family fun coming up and i cant wait


this weekend im spending it with my family for the holidays. and im really excited to see my daddy, cook with him, walk with him in the mornings, and mostly chat about everything. that's always something i've enjoyed about my dad, converstations. he is really open for a father, and i somehow feel like i get to give him so food for thought (or advice). he is the one who teaches me the cool family recipes that i want to carry with me in my heart (and a little book). he is gonna let me cook with him this christmas eve and i cant wait. in case you may not know, hispanics celebrate, make a big dinner, party, dance and usually open presents on christmas eve. im not sure where that began, but latin families get together on the eve of christmas for festivities. we tend to open gifts at midnight, now that we are all older girls. it's much more exciting. and then we sleep in christmas day.

this christmas will be a special one. my twin sisters are moving on their own after the holidays and well im already away so this year we will make it one to remember. family and friends are joining us. and us latins, make christmas eve a dress up party. hence the outfit ideas on this post. it's funny how that happens, even if we are at home, everyone has to dress up, look their best, and take pictures by the over stuffed christmas tree (by over stuffed i mean in decorations and gifts). gotta love my parents.

in case you are not sure what to wear for the events you'll have with your family this year, i hope these help.

counting the days :)

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