Thursday, December 15, 2011

the future is not so far after all

since college i've been sort of still as far as academically speaking. although i've been a working girl. working with missions organizations (non-profits) has opened sooooo many doors for me in terms of spiritual growth and as a career woman. and a woman dreaming of a full time ministry someday.

i graduated as a journalist. i was convinced for most of my college years that i wanted to be writing great articles for major newspapers. and god honored my hardwork and got me a huge internship and then work in the biggest paper in our city. i really enjoyed it. i grew a ton, faced fears head on and felt blessed. after graduation, i knew somehow, that breaking news (car accidents, disputes, deaths, etc.) was not my thing. it was a tough realization and a hard decision to make,  but i quit. and i remained faithful at the job i was doing at a missions org. (yes, i was working  2 jobs while going to college).

fast forward, 6+ years of mission work under my belt, i am moving and feeling led to development work in third world countries. no im not a missionary, but i wouldnt mind being one and would love going to serve on the ground. for the last year i've work as a program manager, kinda like the girl that leads the missionaries from the office. this has been one of the most difficult jobs ive had (and i thought my retail years were bad) but it has also been the most rewarding and the best part of my resume. really. i am in a place where i can say i love what i do and the impact on people. and everyday god instills a greater passion for helping others.

there's no better part of my day than reading about the people we get to help everyday to have a better life. after some training, meetings, discipleship and more, they are empowered to make their lives better and all they can say is "they never knew they had such potential" and they thank god that they had the opportunity to help others. as part of our approach, we prepare them to help others, as in those who are even more disadvantaged than they are, and to teach others skills they've learned. it's an impressive network. these church leaders, moms, wives, widows, are all a big impact in their society and in my life. little do they know what they have caused in me.

god uses everything for good. paul was so right when he stated it in romans. this year has been full of those blessings that started tough, challenging, difficult, but after i endured (as best as i could without too much whining) i'm beginning to see results. good results.

this year, i recorded an album, visited many churches  presenting it, felt soo much love from my church fam, and my own family like never before, and the people that have heard our music and beyond.

and as i sit here, evaluating what was and what now is because of the path i took, i know that there is so much more to do and that a new level, a new call if you may, is at the wake of dawn, it's coming soon.

i would love your prayers as i consider going back to school and getting a masters in sustainable development. it's a huge step. i need the lord's guidance and provision. and i need the right program. and i need time and dedication do that while still doing everything else i do.

i thank you in advance for your prayers and support.

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