Wednesday, December 14, 2011

to my sister

rain or shine, i can count on you. no matter how silly, hard or ugly it may be, your words always cheer me up. there's nothing you say no to. whatever i need, it's done. you make it, buy it or cook it. you are fearless, more than i ever wish i could be. you take on life's challenges and kick them in the butt. you have no time for that. you are the toughest cookie, but we know it's just a shell you wear to cover the softy, mushy heart. you have the kindness of an angel. no neighbor, child or family member goes hungry on your watch, that's why your stove is always ready and why you always cook too much, just in case. your tea is always right. the right flavor, the right amount of warmth and perfectly sweet. your children are adorable and troublemakers too, but you as a mother, don't quit and your's child need is always urgent. you are such a good mom. even to those who are not your children, like me. you love coffee like i do and you probably make it a million times a day. and it helps you cope with the busyness of life. your little kitchen is that, little, but cozy, and it always smells of great cooking. your hands, they may not be the prettiest, but they resemble the hand of a woman who is not afraid of hard labor, even if it means never leaving the home. you exemplified what women say when they mention that working at home is harder than going out for a job, especially when your smallest doesn't sleep and you are up all night. for days. but you make the best of it. whatching DIY channels at 3 am and learnig how to decorate, use paint and make things out of random other things you have lying around. and most of all you can surely make me laugh. you are loud and maybe too loud and often badly spoken, but you make me laugh like no other. you remind me often of my worth and help me develop plans of success that only you can come up with. when i visit you treat me better than a hotel would, massages, hair treatments, mani-pedis. you are simply the best. thank you for all you do, sister. you are a woman of great worth. and i admire you more than you know.


  1. What a wonderful tribute to your sister! I am an only child...and I envy this beautiful relationship!

  2. Ashley is a beautiful thing, but i must admit, i have some friendships that also have a sisterly bond that is as sweet. :)


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