Wednesday, November 23, 2011

it's a jungle out there

picture is a little dark, but wanted to remember this day in dc waiting for my bus to nyc
after a long bus drive yesterday i finally made it to new york. amazingly, the rain couldnt stop me. the cold didnt scare me. i braved it out and made to the city, the jungle. it really is a jungle. people everywhere all shapes and sizes and colors in every street corner. people smiling. people walking with their head down. some sad. some angry. each with stories untold that maybe if we heard them, we'd be changed forever. i saw all that, as i waited to be picked up. hands freezing, clutching tight to my bags at every passerby. and i felt criminal to judge them that way. so i held on to my faith instead, knowing that i was not alone, nor needed to be afraid in this city, just needed to be brave.

my ride finally arrived... i made it home. momma's warmth. my sister's soup. a hot shower. and i was ready. ready again to spend my next few days in awe of family's love and friendship's care. looking forward to that turkey tomorrow and a parade.... from the comfort of a living room though... not sure i want to brave out the rain... i rather see it from home anyway, coffee in hand and beautiful people around me.

and of course this little thing, that steals my heart over and over again...

my niece styling the cutest hat ever (of course i picked it!)

 hope you holiday is beautiful...

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