Monday, November 21, 2011

No place like DC

Every place I visit steals my heart a bit... DC is no different. I arrived yesterday to a chilly afternoon and the embrace of color everywhere I turned. oh and I knew it then, I was in love.
The trees. They stole my heart. I never get to see them like this, in such splendor.
Here I realized my heart was made for Fall... For cardigans and scarves. For walks on colorful leafy roads holding a warm cup of coffee or hot chocholate (the content doesn't matter as much as it's warmth). Or just chatting away, clutching to my bag, feeling the cool breeze over my dark tights and listening to the heel of my boots reminding me I'm at a home away from home... and for a second or two I want to stay... but then I am glad to visit and take with me a new perspective, fond memories and a new love...


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