Thursday, November 24, 2011

so many things to be thankful for

thanksgiving is probably one of my favorite holidays. it's a day to be with family and give thanks for the year's worth of blessings and even difficult times. and everywhere you turn people are coming together, cooking, shopping and eating. there's no other day in the year that i eat turkey, but today is a day worth eating it and sharing it.

today there's nothing more that i am thankful for then having jesus in my life, my family and friends. 
jesus because without him i would be nothing. and without his love for me and his work in my life i would not be able to enjoy my family or my friends. and everything that i am today, that i have, that i have accomplished, and even every tear i've shed, he's had to do with it. he has made every second of this year worthwhile, no matter the cost (Rom. 8:28). he has made me better, continues to make me better, and everyday he reveals to me who i am and where i'm going. and although, seeing my humanity for what it is, it's not always fun, he shows me it to remind me of my worth, his love for me despite that and to show me how much potential he sees in me for his kingdom. and today unlike any other thanksgiving, i am grateful for who i am in him. i'm grateful for every good quality, every flaw and every little thing i struggle with, because with all of it, he has made me, he has chosen me and wants to use me.

and today im grateful to be in love with jesus. to posses a new found joy and contentment. and even for the battle i've chosen to fight, daily, to let go my will in order to have his. i'm finally learning what matters most and for that i am grateful.

and i am also thankful for you. i've learned so much from you all about love, creativity, selflessness, and being real. thank you for that and for visiting my little place where i've learned to shed some light into my heart and to allow my heart to bloom. 

may you have a happy thanksgiving and beautiful joy with your loved ones.

and please do eat tons. i sure will. 

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