Monday, November 14, 2011

i had a really dear time with my family this weekend. it's just too bad i dont have pictures of me smiling or them smiling back. my twin sisters (not me a twin, my sisters are twins) are the sweetest things, but dont like to be photographed. neither does rocio, the youngest. nor dad or stepmom. so instead i took pictures of food we had. and i caught one of the lovely twins on our dinner date.

i drove two hours, get off the car and this is how dad welcomes me.
can't say i complained.

i convinced one of my dear sisters to dinner, without the others,
they all work and being with them is a balancing act.
and of course the meal is the most important part of this ordeal.

oh the sweet taste of overly tangy, sweet ribs.
they were worth the upset stomach after.

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