Friday, November 11, 2011

my take on 11.11.11. and a video.

quito, ecuador. not my side of town, unfortunately.
its such a beautiful day on this side of town. and im a thrilled to enjoy the  weather and the great company. im driving north to spend time with my family and i cant wait to see my girls. my sisters. my dad. and stepmom. 

to celebrate the spectacle that is 11.11.11 i want to share 11 things that i love, am learning about or just cant live without.

1. family is really important. 

my sister rocio. the youngest one.
today, i know that family are those who are always there for you no matter what. friends have left me. friends have abandoned me. but my family, they still stick around. yes, they have failed me, they too have abandoned me, but no where else have i found the satisfaction when one of them feels proud. no where else have i seen people break their backs to make sure im fine. their love for me is special. 

2. friends are highly valuable and needed in ones life.

i've been blessed with many good friends that should all be honored for their love. but these girls right here know how to give a girl a good time and pick up a sister in prayer when she needs it. these women, one time or another, have held my heart in their hands and lifted me up to the lord and loved me during the awful times as well as the great ones.

3. break for that tea or coffee. 

i love coffee. and tea. and their warmth in my hand bring me inspiration, energy and joy that i just need throughout my day.

4. a great purse

i love bags. and i love the way a nice vintage, thrifted bag adds a unique touch to any look.

5. and a scarf

i have more scarves than i dare to count, but this h&m scarf is probably one of my favorites. and i love the sassy touch to it.

6. lovely meals.

these pictures say it all. yum!

7. books that reach deeper than mere humans can

excuse the bird droppings please. and yes, these shoes should have made this list too.
i really love to read and i have a large bookshelf to prove it. oh and a bag ready to go to goodwill with a good 30 of them that didn't fit anymore. and this 2011 i have been able to enhance my love for reading by participating in a book club and it has been an amazing blessing to read great books and share them with peers. god has blessed us and united us through our book study.

8. great blogger friends

i've met amazing women through blogging and i have felt so blessed to know an incredible amount of creative, god-loving girls. i met Ana (pictured here) from the recordologist in boston this summer and have begun a great relationship, from a far. but glad to know she is someone to call to. 

9. a nice camera

im really enjoying photographing everything around me. i need to better my skills but it's still fun to always have a camera handy.

10. desire to let go of the old and welcome the new

the lord has been molding me intensely this year. but i think, that finally i am getting closer and closer to letting him take out the old and pour in the new. there is no better feeling than knowing he cares so much for me to make me over.

11. recording random, awkward  videos while everyone is sleeping and trying to whisper through a song... enjoy!


  1. Your hair is soo fluffy :) Special request: when you come, you must sing, that is all!

  2. YEA! I loved your video! It's always nice to put a voice to the blogger ;) And I loved this photo plagued post too =D

  3. hehe! This was a good idea! I definitely love all of the things you mentioned!

  4. Very cool take on 11/11/11! The picture of you reading the book on that bench is absolutely fantastic - I love it!

  5. a good coffee and a good scarf are TOTALLY on my list too!

    xo chanel


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