Wednesday, October 26, 2011

hot chocolate night

tonight has been just beautiful.

after a long.busy.tedious day at work, i took a nice walk with my aunt who always provides for great conversations. there's nothing better than history. history evolves, history returns. it's so refreshing to hear from the people of old, the ones who paved the way for us. and it pays off that while i workout my body her words give my mind a challenge of sorts. her kind words, her faith, her simple outlook at life, how she laughs and the way she enjoyed her youth. when i look at her now, i could not see that social girl in her. she had a wild side as a young woman growing up in new york. She danced, she led a hispanic club in her college, she dressed fashionably, she made great bonds and took care of family and married late for the time, but she doesnt regret it a bit because as she said she lived her seasons well.

she lived her seasons well. beautifully put.

she married at 27. today im her age and have no such plans as of yet. and hearing her words i feel good about it. at 27 she enjoyed her seasons well. she had so much more life in her years at that time than i could account for in my 27. and well i guess it makes sense when Abe Lincoln says "that is not the years in your life that count, but the life in your years." and as she did, i want to reach my next season of life ready and well lived. god uses every season in our lives for a purpose. even if that purpose is just growth to enable us to fit the mold of the next one. and in every season we should enjoy the moment. the good and the bad. the lovely and the ugly.

my season at 27 is one of progressive growth. surrender. accomplishing self-control. beautification. acceptance. and embracing real love.

not the easiest mountain to climb. but at the end of the road it will be worth the journey.

it's also a time of taking new steps. embracing new challenges. flirting with happiness. laughing hysterically. fighting the woes. singing in the rain and sipping hot chocolate on lazy evenings, leisurely.

such is life. 


  1. tis post is so beautiful! your aunt really seems like she has had a beautiful life! i've also been climbing some mountains this year, hoping to reach the other side. may God give us both the strenght to face all the challenges he places before us!

  2. Sigh. Your writing is absolutely dreamy. LOVE the last paragraph.....such is a BEAUTIFUL life. :)

    Enjoy every minute.

    & Happy Halloween! xo


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