Tuesday, October 25, 2011

oh pain, beauty's just a word without you

 i've had this song on replay
for a day now
and i hear it
and i feel it
and it breaks me
but at minute 3:48
im stronger.

ps: im just hanging with music lately...
ever have those days?


  1. don't you just LOVE music that makes you feel this way? thank you so much for sharing:) the world needs more music with this kind of message, that's for certain!

  2. I'd never heard this song before, and I must have just hit "play" again about 4 more times while doing my weekly day-off blog reading. It's so beautiful.

  3. @Courtney, you are right, i love song like these.

    @nikkijoy: i do the same thing, just play over and over again.

  4. sometimes, those are the very BEST days..


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