Wednesday, September 21, 2011

happiness of some sort this middle of the week

hello friends.
it's early morning. 
and i havent even had my coffee yet, but there's a glow. 
i'm feeling happier than other early mornings.
so i figured i talked about food on this happy day.
cause food is like a happy song. 
it never gets old. (ok, bad joke)
anyway, here are some YUMMY photos 
(please dont drool on my post)
taken during my trip to ecuador.
ceviche. basically fish salad. lots of lemon.
traditional casserole. made of plantain and fish. i dont know how they got that soft thing out of plantain.
real fresh calamari.

filet mignon. cheap. and at it's best.

yummy traditional plate.
fish in a yummy mushroom sauce.
another traditional platter.
yummy. period.
this guy needs no introduction.
avocado was everywhere. i did not complain.
traditional platter. corn and plantain based empanadas. stuffed with meat and rice.
 so are you hungry yet?
by the way, i didnt eat all those at once.
or alone. i had help.


  1. there's a Greek yogurt sitting on my desk, it's starring at me as I read this, and yes... it's begging me to eat it. Thanks for the eye candy!

  2. "am I hungry yet???" How could I not be after looking at all of that! =)

  3. looks like you ate well! This all looks so yummy! I'm a huge fan of ceviche! We eat at home where I'm from! Soooo yummy!

  4. do they have huancaina in Ecuador? That was one of my favorite dishes in Peru!

  5. Cristina I actually dont know if they had huancaina, but sounds familiar. I'll look it up.

    @Aqui, ceviche is definitely one of my favorite things. :)


    i wish i wasn't vegan.


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