Friday, September 23, 2011

there's something powerful about fridays...

that creates the yearning in me to read a book
while visiting  my secret place in the dawn hours to get away....
to breathe easier. to let the wind caress my hair and my cares away. to suddenly feel whole again, not broken from the stress of the previous five days, full of thinking, analyzing and who knows what else.
just a time to suck in nature, god's creation, and here him whisper in my ears with the special music of the silence and the water as they hit the rocks.
fridays are powerful, they awaken desires beyond this world, desires of peace and calm that i can only reach by getting away from the capitalist mentality of our roads and gated homes.
fridays call me to breathe, to elope with the solace of loliness and a book. a journal. and a cup of tea.
fridays free me to be, to seek a fresh start to another week.


  1. Fridays are such a breath of fresh air! mmmm. Get rejuvenated! xoxo

  2. Fridays are indeed powerful. So much joy, so much freedom, so much happiness!

    Belly B :)

  3. Beautiful pictures! You are gorgeous!

  4. I love your secret place. I always think of David among the pastures composing psalms when I think of secret places.

  5. It is always so nice to reflect while viewing waterscapes. Looks like you have a special spot to go meditate and pray.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  6. love the first photo! Makes me want to go out in the sun and lay around in the breeze! Happy weekend!


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