Monday, September 19, 2011

when youth worship god rejoices

there's nothing more rewarding then seeing young people worshiping a god they have fallen in love with. and this weekend i was able to see my youth group kids do just that along with other youth at our church. it was beautiful to just sit back and watch how the lord has changed them and how they EXALT him with all their talents. tear, tear. im their momma so i was emotional.
i was able to worship along with them, which made the night a lot more special.


  1. When I say "a god" I really mean god the only god.. And our lord jesus christ. I didnt want that to be musunferstood.

  2. i love your clarification comment above:) so sweetly said. and i love to see people, especially young people, join together in song to worship our Lord. my church is going through a transitional phase as far as music goes, and i sure do miss our praise band!

  3. Thanks for sharing!! I love these pics!


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