Wednesday, August 17, 2011

somedays you just cant put words to your thoughts

but then you find someone's amazing photography to capture all the emotion you are feeling. thinking. 
 today i stumbled upon these photos by Rona Keller and i just had to borrow them as they reminded me so much of all the thoughts & inspirations that have been flowing inside, unable to set free. 
i chose these because of the way they speak to me. and the season that i walk today...

I feel change coming.
All my surroundings are telling me something.
One season's ending, but another's beginning.
Somehow it's similar to how You're changing me.
Slowly, I'm feeling change.
I feel change coming

Lisa Gungor


  1. like the pics...I see myself doing this at ZMI, except with more snow and like -100* weather jeje definitely the hope of a fresh move is among us

  2. I am such a fan of the autumn, how can i not love these photographs? great photos!


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