Monday, August 15, 2011

realizations of what comes with blowing out the candles

this weekend i had an opportunity to hang out with
the cutest little children and their amazing moms.
i'm sitting there, young woman, single, no kids. the cream of the crop, eehh.
we sip on some coffee. as the children are running around like headless chickens.
i really don't know how i managed to tune them out for so long.
there was cake everywhere.
balloons popping.
and disney channel as the soundtrack to the mayhem.
we ignored it all, started conversations.
about hair color. about the kids. allergies. food.
health issues.
and then it hit me.
i'm growing up.
i'm 10 days away from my birthday.
and im actually nervous, excited about it.
especially after my discussions with these moms and learning that well my body is changing
and that maybe my allergies and food issues in the past months 
are related to my changing body. 
they all went through it.
they understand what i've gone through.
it's awful to have a stuffy head, migraines, dry coughs, and massive congestion
{the type that i cant even cry cause then i get so stuffed i cant even breathe}
and mind you, i am a singer.
so talking to these women, i learned so much.
it's like learning to care for my body all over again.
in the teen years, our bodies are so nice and flexible.
then, they start to get more sensitive.
and well, you can't get away with so much junk food and no sleep.
it's responsibility in a new level.
not like getting a degree, buying a car, getting a real job.
no this is like life or death. do or die. responsibility.

{why is this all news to me?}

im getting older, in just 10 days people
and it's a beautiful thing,
and it also means
i need to take better care of my aging self 

alright, im excited.
and i think ready.
I mean i did go to the supermarket right after our conversations
and went all green (veggies, wheat, the whole ordeal)
so that means...
i've welcomed the new knowledge.
even after agreeing to stop having hot chocolate milk before bed
yes, i agreed.
these are the new challenges of being a young woman,
 and with all that
i'm excited to say: welcome home 27


  1. Aw you're birthday's coming up! How exciting! I'm also feeling more and more like I need to be cautious about my health. What we do in our 20s will really set things up for how our health works later in life! Easier said than done though....

  2. yay for soon-to-be-birthdays! and yes it's a great thing:) the health thing will come...i'm just now starting to embrace it and realize how important it is!

  3. thank you ladies. i am definitely excited. i am grateful for where i am right now and well sometimes that has nothing to do with age... just god's mercy. woot woot.


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