Friday, August 12, 2011

there's cool in my uncool

sometimes i struggle with being different
and although it's taken me long
ive learned to love myself the way the Lord intented me too
and it has not been easy

i wasn't always the girl with that body that guys in high school broke necks for
i've always had some thickness about me (yes, that's what they call it now)
and my hair wasn't always nice, curly and bouncy

yes, this is my natural hair, but in the past i really didn't know how to style it
{and by the looks of this picture, i still don't}
and i had a lot of negative comments from my family about my hair
they recommend it i should straigthen it cause that was a better choice
(they would think)
my immaturity and  low self-esteem
would cause me to give in
and i walked around feeling miserable
about myself
never feeling like a cutie or even a valuable thing

until jesus came into my life

and then i learned about true love
and all the emptiness inside, all the lack of value, all those desires to feel appreciated
Jesus came in and fulfill those needs
and then
years + trials later
i am my own person
still odd
still thick
but cuter ;)

and not because i now know how to style my hair and wear make-up correctly
but because over the years i have learned to appreciate myself
i have learned to dress to impress -- myself and to honor jesus while at it
before i thought about doing what others thought was fashionable or appropiate
but now i've grown up in the lord and i've learned to reflect who i am through what i wear
and honestly
my choices are not always popular
most of my friends don't necessarily agree with my thrift finds and odd colors
but i've learned to accept even their remarks and not feel hurt
because i have found a way to love the uncoolness about me
and accept it as my own beauty


  1. well, in fact, i like your hair! it makes you distinct of the many in the crowd :)

  2. I love little unique you. And P.S. -Your hair is fabulous!

  3. you are beyond gorgeous. simply stunning. both in an out. nothing like self love to make others love you more, either.

  4. you're gorgeous. inside and out, and that speaks volumes.


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