Friday, August 19, 2011

today all i want to do is this

J u M p

or at least try...
{as you can see i could not nail the jumping-in-the-air-photo}
because it's friday!!!
and i just cant wait for next week.
so many things are in store.
a special birthday {me, me, me!}
dinner, cake, balloons...
{can't wait}
and traveling to Rhode Island to sing
and of course see my buddy Ana.
then a trip to Ecuador... then Boston.
...i just cant wait for all the fun that awaits.

happy weekend to you!

ps: arent these pictures hilarious?


  1. haha these photos are adorable, I always end up doing your almost jump when I try to take jumping photos.

    It sounds like you've an intensely-exciting week ahead of you, I can't wait to see you, xo

  2. happy almost birthday dear!!!

    also your outfits are adorablleee!


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