Monday, July 25, 2011

lovely bits & pieces of the weekend

well hello there.
ive had an amazing weekend.
a very hot & humid one
but beautiful.
i attended  a friend's wedding on saturday.
and well her wedding was dreamy.
she looked beautifull. they both did.
ricky and maj are such godly people
 i was busy having fun in bridesmaid duty so i dont have many photos
but here are some

{these are blurry phone photos, but you'll appreciate her beauty...}

{...and my awkward bridesmaid face}

on sunday
it was Kairos time
jp and i visited a local church
to worship and share our music
after the service we set up a table with our merchandise
and a funny story happened
this church donated food to its members
and  an elderly lady kept coming by our table
and well she asked if we could discount the cd
we did 
and i guess she thought she needed to make up  for it
by offering donated food to us
so cute
so our cds were surrounded by canned apple sauce
what a deal ;)

wishing you all a happy monday - don't forget to smile/laugh/rejoice
"laughter makes the world a happier place"

ps: did i mention that it's real HOT here...
and everywhere else...
drink lots of water and stay cool!


  1. gorgeous photos, I love the dress you wore!

  2. me too Ana! very different. whimsical.

  3. Looks like you had a really nice weekend. :)
    And, yes, the bride was lovely. :)

  4. Love the photos! You and bride look awesome! =D And yes, I'm tired of the insufferable heat =P

  5. The wedding looked gorgeous from the pics! That is so sweet that she helped "pay" with applesauce to show her gratitude.


  6. looks like such a fun wedding! the bride was gorgeous, as were you, my friend! i FEEL you about the hot humidity! we finally got a sweet little rainshower around noon that helped cool things down, but i swear you can fry an egg on our sidewalk:)

    p.s. i'd kill for hair like yours. it's so beautiful!

  7. Ummm...just want to say you (and your hair) are stinking GORGEOUS! And I love weddings. And I drink so much water that I practically live in the bathroom. Fun little summer detail for you there. :P

  8. Thank you @LeAhnna and @vintch... i love my hair too ;) it's actually a lot of work ladie, but it's definitely fun!


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