Thursday, July 21, 2011

somewhere along the lines of office party heaven

i love birthdays.
especially when it's someone at the office.
cause then this happens.

is that cupcake heaven or what??
uuh. yeah.
its's taste {sigh} beyond what my words can describe,
 so yeah,

to end my day with a bang.
my friend had her rehearsal dinner last night.
im a bridesmaid. woot woot
and well here's a recap.
rehearsal was so sweet. i held tears.
and dinner, was different than most rehearsal dinners.
it was FUN.
i didnt take a lot of pictures,
but i made sure to capture the important stuff

that's right. food.
cause at the end of it all, that's what matters.
food really brings people together, don't it? 

ps: yes, those are chicken wings.
from a little sweet pizza place in Miami.
if ever in town.
look up Casola's Pizza.
it's a little hot, humid, and loud.
but without those three,
you wont really experience the place.


  1. Cupcakes look so yummy, we have cupcakes in work when its someones birthday too an they are delicious!
    Love the pics

    Abigail x

  2. the best part about any party is the food of course. you can't go wrong with that :)

  3. That cupcake does indeed look heavenly! =D You're making me hungry!

  4. what a gorgeous little cake! Just perfect for an office party! Wish cakes like this were brought to my place of work!

  5. That cupcake looks yummy! O_o :)
    I love your blog; following and supporting! :)

  6. nice work on your blog! really interesting!

  7. that cupcake looks so delicious! congrats on being a bridesmaid! i've never been one.. :(
    have a nice Sunday!


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