Sunday, May 8, 2011

words for momma

it's been a long road for us. life got in the way. separating us. causing distance and trouble. i missed you dearly every day. i cried many tears feeling lonely and lost. feeling motherless in this world. but my God took care of me. always embracing me with his love. he provided me with mommies all around to make sure i knew he'd never leave me. and he didn't. he had his way and brought you close again. he healed my heart and i've slowly been learning to love you and embrace you more and more. thank you, really, thank you for loving me so much. for sacrificing so much. and for being such an inspiration of strength to my siblings and I. please know that i love you and am glad you are in my life and no longer so far.

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. what a beautiful post! everything about it is beautiful: the text is so inspiring, and the photo is wonderful! have a blessful week!

  2. this picture really makes me smile :) you lovely girls have a contagious smile!! what a beautiful thing you've written for your mother ♥

    missed you at church! I didn't go :( but I shall next weekend!


  3. I'm sorry for the hard times, and hurt when you were apart but I'm glad God brought you back together, and that he healed you, and that you are allowing to love again.

    P.S. Thanks for the Mother's day well wishes. So sweet of you, Jennifer.

  4. So beautiful! I wish my mom wasn't a 5 hours flight away... Happy mother's day!

  5. Hi, Jenny. This is my favorite post. I love to see how much you've grown and what He is doing with and through you. I love you.


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