Monday, May 9, 2011

little miss sunshine... or is it little miss star... can't decide!

Today  Google has the cutest doodles in commemoration of what would have been
Mr. Roger Hargreaves' 76th birthday.
If you are wondering who he is,
he was the creator of the popular
Mr. Men and Little Miss books.

The doodles inspired me to consider which one of them is me.
And well, I couldnt just pick one so I picked a few. Enjoy!

Which one is you?

PS: Little Miss Star may be the most fitting with that hair ;)

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  1. love little miss sunshine :D

  2. Aw, I haven't even been on google yet today. This is awesome! I loved Little Miss Sunshine.

  3. I never read those, but they look cute. When will we be able to hear a sample of your music? Do you guys have a myspace fan page, or youtube videos? We've heard so much about this upcoming cd and want a sneak peak!

  4. MBL: I cant wait to post music on here. We are working on our website and facebook page. so i think this week, you'll have something...

  5. hahah:) little miss giggles is adorable! thank you for sharing this-it gave a much needed laugh today!

  6. Little Miss Star is very fitting for u :-) and I would definitely be Miss Giggles or Miss Tiny hehehe

  7. Great post! I'm not sure which one I am. Hard to decide. Thanks for commenting on my blog! :)

  8. thanks for the birthday wishes! i am in love with your blog! :)

  9. ^ :)!!!

    I am definitely little miss tidy and little miss giggles, lol. I've always found these doodles so cute!

  10. I love those! Too cute. I think I'm Little Miss Giggles.

  11. I might be Little Miss Stubborn :)


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