Wednesday, May 11, 2011

odd events lead to prayer requests

some days you're the bug
some days you're the windshield

i really like this quote and i couldnt help think of it this morning as i drove to work and some guy in a pick-up truck dropped whatever cargo he had on it onto the road. yes lola the corolla and i were right behind him. we freaked out and tried to dodge that "big whatever". i really couldnt avoid hitting it. i almost broke out into "jesus take the wheel". i ran right through it. 

::big gasp::::sighs::.

we made it. nothing happened. God protected us. but nonetheless it was frightening. a rush of feelings and emotions filled my face and heart. especially cause the night before a cop stopped me. no ticket thank God. but i was still nervous from that event only like 6 hours away. especially cause the cop somehow didnt see my first name in the DL and called me by my middle name. no one does that. it was so weird and i had an urge to correct him, but i was already getting off the hook, so i passed. thank you jesus. btw, i am usually (i try... miami it's a jungle in terms of driving) a good, safe driver. so those stops dont happen often. just so you know.

but to bring this post to a point. these last two events made me think. i really need your prayers. a lot of beautiful things are going on in my life right now for God's glory. next week is my big day. my first album ever comes out (i know ladies, you want a sample... soon i promise, this is so much work, you have no idea!!). and we've all heard the evil guy downstairs gets mad at that. so please, lovely blog-friends and other friends who read this, please pray. my CD and everything about it, is really to bring worship to an amazing Jesus who saved me. nothing more. and we could really use your support.

in advance, thank you so much .
it feels really weird to say this, but i kinda, really, like love you guys. so many awesome people out there encouraging me it's insane to think that you guys visit, comment and follow my blog.

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  1. Will totally be praying! for you and the guy that's probably sobbing right now because hes lost his "big whatever"!! :) :)

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  3. More, I saw the big mess in the news as I was getting ready for work. I can't believe my more right behind him and his bad knot tying skills! Poor guy :( I thank that mighty-to-save God you and Lola are doing just fine.
    Love you

  4. trucks and cargo always scare me! glad yall are okay! prayers for you and the path God is leading you down :)

  5. That sounds terrifying! That is always my fear while driving behind full pick-up-trucks. It is a blessing that God protected you! Love to hear that your faith only grows stronger in situations such as these. So inspiring! xx

  6. i love the 'Jesus take the wheel' part! lol
    it's wonderful to see God's protection day after day!

  7. I hate riding behind trucks with things strapped down! I'm always worried about them coming loose!! I'm glad that y'all were kept safe. How exciting about your album!! Praying for you!!

  8. i love the "jesus take the wheel" part! lol
    great post! it really is awesome how God protect us at all times!

  9. so glad you're fine. and so excited for your big day!

  10. glad you are ok! ohh...where can we hear the cd? :)

  11. so thankful God was with you on the road:) i've had a couple of those "Jesus take the wheel" moments myself! and CONGRATS on the album drop. We serve a Holy and MIGHTY God and i just know He has great, great things in store for you, girl!

  12. I missed this post. Glad you are ok, despite the rattled nerves. I will be praying. You are right, opposition seems to come up when things are going well. As I told Arielle a few days ago, remember that the trials are to make us stronger. So the next time something totally whacky, or unpleasant happens, keep in mind it just might be a trial...

    "Consider it wholly joyful my brethren, whenever you are enveloped in or encounter trials of any sort or fall into various temptations.

    **Be assured and understand that the trial and proving of your faith bring out endurance and steadfastness and patience. But let endurance and steadfastness and patience have full play and do a thorough work, so that you may be people perfectly and fully developed [with no defects], lacking in nothing. …(12) Blessed (happy to be envied) is the man who is patient under trials and stands up under temptation, for when he has stood the test and been approved, he will receive [the victor's] crown of life which God has promised to those who love him.**

    James 1:2-4, and 12.

    Much love,


  13. how can i like this post? hehe haven't been on facebook or blogger in days!!!! hope good things are coming your way! xo


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