Thursday, May 5, 2011

What's Not to Love about May

Jumping like a frog. Happy like a ladybug.

It’s May.

It’s sunny. It’s rain. It’s an ending. It’s a beginning. It’s music. It’s a keepsake of lifetime memories. It’s smiles. It’s ice cream. It’s blueberries. It’s daisies. It’s flashy colors. It's God's time!

It’s May.

It’s hot. It’s now and forever a magical time.

…yes I’m happy it’s May.

{Sorry!!! couldn’t hold back my corniness on this post.}

And it’s mostly because:

1. We are almost done with the album 
2. Our album is almost set to print or mass production
3. Our website is in the works and soon you’ll see it
and get a preview of our music :D
4. Our album release concert is May 20th

{enter screaming, horns, trumpets, balloons dropping from the ceiling, more screaming}

...and a short video. this is JP's adorable nephew.  he is singing one of our songs with me. 

{ok. now that that's done!!!}

I wish you could all be there.

Want to escape to Miami and drop by??

 I’m sure you’ll have a good time!


  1. I can almost hear the excitement!! I cant wait for the concert!

  2. Yay for the cd release! Super excited for you! P.S.- The video wouldn't play. It just seems to be a screen shot? (It may just be my computer and browser)

  3. really cool pictorial! I love May as well, it finally gets really warm and you can bet on wearing summer clothes from then on :)

  4. MBL: I'mnot sure why it doesnt work, but it worked for me. sorry!!

  5. such happy new beginnings! i'd love to make music in miami:) totally jealous! live it up, sweet friend!

  6. What a happy post ! Now I'm happy it's May too ! :D
    And how cool with the album release ! :)

  7. CD release! YAY!!!!!! I would LOVE to be in Miami. Enjoy it for me!


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