Friday, April 8, 2011

wishin you "beautiful things"

to end a busy week. more busyness. busyness i am grateful for, nonetheless. why you wonder, well in the busyness beautiful things are cooking and smelling sweet. isn't it beautiful when you can smell the scent of somene's spirit and what you get is .... the smell of gorgeous flowers just blooming in a garden....aaah!

sometimes in our lives we live eternal winters. flowers don't bloom and the air that we breath out to others is cold and bitter. i am grateful to see that the seasons in my spirit and soul are changing. things are blooming. flowers are growing. fruits are visible and sweet. since it's spring, well practically summer here in FL, i wanted to share this song... one because it's beautiful. two because along with spring flowers, i am blooming, slowy, but surely. as Michael Gungor says in his song "beautiful things" :

All around
Hope is springing UP from this old ground
Out of chaos life is being found in You

...for your pleasure

PS: you may have noticed some changes around here... what do you think of the banner? and button? Feel free to grab one. {btw, if you are wondering, i learned to do it here}

PS2: beautiful Kate, from Tree of Life, gave my blog the Kreativ Blogger Award. I'm humbled by her kindness... more on that later.


  1. I'm listening to that song right now. Their harmonies are so wonderful.

    P.S. I finally got around to the award. Thanks again.

  2. I wish nothing but "beautiful things" for you too. I can definitely see the change in you. You are not the same girl I met back in '02. You have matured so much in the Lord. I'm proud of you :-)

  3. hi Jennifer, thanks a whole lot for your visit and sweet comment! beauty certainly is springing up everywhere - yah! and adore your header, nice one. ♥

  4. it's my first time on your blog but i've really enjoyed the banner!

  5. this is one of my favorite songs too!! love it! i might just have to post it sometime this week too. i love your new headliner and buttons. too cute.

  6. oh so beautiful, thank you so much for sharing. and that cello is so durrrn sexy.

  7. thats a super neat banner ! :) And oooo, loved that song !

  8. Cute banner!
    Congrats on your award!

  9. Oh congrats on getting that award! And I do like the banner. It's cute, clean, and it catches the eyes!

  10. aw, hey girl.

    I love your love for God. such passion, I know it's all because of what He's done in you.

    keep up the good work!!

  11. lovely blog!
    glad i stumbled upon it :)


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