Tuesday, April 12, 2011

things I've learned

It's only being four months into 2011 and I've already learned soo much. Here's a second  take on this fun list. hope you like it. (see first)

I've learned that...

1. We live in a war zone against ourselves.

2. The more I know God the more I love him. It's something I cannot control.

3. Time waits for no one.

4. Hitting the snooze button several times each morning will not get me to work on time.

5. No matter how hard I try, there are some things I cannot change.

6. Compassion is a great gift to have and share with others.

7. People are desperate to be loved. In a real, Godly way.

8. Saying too much always (ok almost always) gets you in trouble.

9. Blogging is fun, but, if not handled with care, it can consume you. In a bad way.

10. English is great, but some languages just have such passion in their words, like Portueguese.  I love the way it sounds, especially to music.

{since I love videos, here's one song i love}


...what have you learned?
...anyone want to teach me Portuguese?


  1. #4 happened to me this morning. if it wasn't for a text that came just in time, I would've stayed sleeping till 12 I think :x hahaha! and #5 - I feel you... but sometimes things you can't change work out better.

    miss you!
    and our chats!

    PS- thrift date SOON mija!

  2. I love all of these, but especially number 2. I completely agree.

  3. I've learn to look at #7 in a special way today after listening to some podcasts. As we see nations rebel against their leaders, it becomes evermore clear how people are in need of a greater hope that isnt found in these countries. Saudi Arabia promised, through Alah, that it will be a great nation...30 yrs ago. It is evident how people are losing faith in the lies and seeking for the love that we have been blessed with through Christ.

  4. I LOVE THE SONG!! =D Been wanting to find more Portuguese music. Thank you!

  5. such a nice post !! :)
    If I knew Portuguese I'd teach you ;) You don't wanna learn Swedish... it's super hard haha.
    Me, I love the english language :)

  6. great post


  7. Jennifer,

    Number 4 and 8 cracked me up. Please keep sharing music-suggestions from blog friends is how I keep up. ;)

    P.S. Thanks for the sweet compliment about my boys. I think they are too, but I am their mama after all.

  8. We are in a never-ending process of learning... and these are great lessons to learn... I'm still learning to not abuse the snooze button... :-/

  9. So I was cleaning out my inbox (I filter out my blog comments) and I realized that you left me a message ages ago and I never responded! Ack, please forgive my forgetfulness. I loooove this post (and the firsts), such wisdom! #1 is so powerful... it's true. And #7, I know it's a fact... but how do you discern when enough is enough (from church peeps who just take and take and take and take until you're empty)? Stuff I've been pondering and been meaning to ask my pastor about :) Hope to see more good posts soon but remember #9! :P

  10. i just adore what you said in itens 1 and 2! so true!
    love this post!
    hey, if you want to, I can teach you portuguese! no sweat! lol


  11. great post! I love your profile pic :)

  12. I totally agree with you on 5, 7, 8. That's why I always keep my answers short for anything even when my parents call haha

  13. hmm...I've learned what it truly means to guard your heart. It is so much deeper than we think! It takes a lot of God's grace with a flood of mercy. I've learned the value that has been stored within me and how my life is not my own. We get it all wrong when we think we should be searching for our happiness or self-fulfillment. lol, you said to share so heeyy. :) I like what you've learned.


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