Sunday, February 27, 2011

things I've learned

So here's a list of a few things I've learned in the last few weeks or lessons I have revisited lately.

I've learned that...

1. When you least expect it a miracle happens.

2. Contentment really arrives when you truly love yourself the way you are and your value doesn't depend on someone else's opinion of you.

3. Love is not so much a feeling but a choice.

4. Decisions determine your destiny.

5. Someone is always watching and learning from you. And it's important to be passing on a good example.

6. Letting go people we love is possible. And yes, it hurts, but it's ultimately up to us for how long and how much.

7. The more you want something, the more it will be delayed. Take your mind off it.

8. We are able to look back and see that we made it through a storm we never thought we could survive.

9. Being alone doesn't necessarily mean lonely.

10. And that we are ungrateful people ... we tend to disregard that our things of common use are luxuries elsewhere. The video below kind of inspired me and it also challenged me to complain a little less. (Thanks to Jeremy Castro for sharing it!)


  1. Love all your quotes

    When you least expect it a miracle happens. My fav it happen to me with my child pregnancy when all my hopes of being a mom were shot down God show up and prove me that he has the last say :).... We are never happy true the video funny but true, if we can realize it, we can change, but the problem is most people dont realize it and takes things for granted

  2. Im so glad you got a beautiful miracle in your daughter Michelle!

  3. Great blog and post :) I'm following now! You may appreciate this post on my blog:

  4. Very inspirational, number 3 is so true! ... People seem not willing to fight for love cause they say they don't feel it anymore when its just them deciding not to feel it anymore, great post.

    <3 Cess O.

  5. I could relate too a lot of these, if not all of them! the one I really appreciate the most is #2 though. believe it or not, you who knows me a lot better than the blogosphere people, I've had issues with that lately (for some reason) I hate(d) that about myself but it's something I'm definitely getting over. what people think shouldn't matter, just as long as I know I'm not doing something that is bad, then there's no reason to judge. (oh! especially with my tattoos, you know that issue I've told you about) but anyway, I'm glad I'm learning this too beside you and I'm happy to see you achieve these things! :)

  6. Amazing post, thanks for sharing!

  7. Incredible, I enjoyed watching the part about the flying, I think it's amazing I always get excited when I fly. It beats riding a Donkei to Nicaragua, Washinton DC, California, Tampa, NC. Lord, knows I wouldn't be able to handle it. Thanks for sharing


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