Friday, March 4, 2011

Faith - Letting Go!

Borrowed this picture from Emily Abigail . Check her out!

I had another realization today. I know what you must be thinking. What is it with me and life realizations lately? I don’t know, but I guess after a certain age things just start making sense. You just go like, whoa, that’s why that happened! Sometimes these realizations of mine come accompanied by some sadness, by some disdain and even pain. It’s not always easy to look back and realize the blind-sighted moments or even those when immaturity caught me off guard. But one thing I do know is that yester-years are the best teacher.

So this morning, I thought: This is one of the best and hardest times in my life. I know. Read it again. In other words, our hardest times are sometimes our best times.

It’s like when you are learning to ride a bike and you fall a few times. You keep trying. You fall. You hurt. You do it again. It’s awful. The pain. The scraped knee. But somehow you enjoy it. Cause at the end of the painful streak of on and off on your bike, you’ve learned to ride it! And it’s the same in life when we are on the verge of a breakthrough. It starts like you are threading down an unknown path and every decision is made blindly. Every turn. Right or left. It’s a step of faith. You can’t really see ahead. But your hope, your desire for what’s to come is stronger than your fear of what’s behind the shadow of your inability to see tomorrow. You leap anyway.

That’s faith.

Faith is painful.

Faith is sacrifice.

To have faith you need to let go and risk it all.

Faith is to believe in something you cannot see but yet you feel and believe so strongly. Learning faith is learning to trust. It’s learning to love the idea of belief in something greater. Faith is seeing God in everything. In every minute. In every blink of an eye. In the noise of the wind. In the shattering of a glass. Faith is knowing and believing that nothing really ever happens without God knowing or even allowing it.

Faith is tears. Sadness. Faith is satisfaction. It feels great when you let go of your fears and trust. It hurts like never before when you lose someone you love. But faith in knowing it will be ok someday, it’s satisfying. Faith is strength. You are weak in the middle of the battle. You are weak in the path of insecurities. Vulnerabilities. Rejection. But faith is your strength as you hope. As you wait.

Faith is love. To blindly let your heart go, without knowing if it will be capture with care, it’s faith. Love is a risk of pain. But with faith you let go. With faith you love and with faith you wait to be loved in return.


  1. ah, faith. to be courageous is to be faithful, and to be faithful is to be courageous. that's what I've always thought when it comes to faith (quote by moi, haha!) I love the pictures too :) the balloons represent "letting go" right? I got it hehe!

    con amor!

  2. You got it Julie! :) thanks for your lovely commment!

  3. Love it! Faith, the one thing that makes all the difference. Thanks for hiciste llorar, in a good way :)


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