Monday, February 21, 2011

Beautifully busy

February will be a month to remember. For starters we began working on vocals for the CD (yay!!) and I hit the classroom for a history class. I've also begun the hunt for looks for a photo shoot coming soon. This past week, I headed to the mall with my friend Julie (a true fashionista by the way!). Finding this outfit has not been easy. And being original is even harder. Julie snapped these photos on a break after we exhausted our fashion sense, rack after rack. ::sighs:: Cant wait to see it all come together.

It's been really hectic lately but I'm so grateful. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else right now. Thinking I'm too busy almost feels like complaining and if there is anything I need not do, is that. God has been too gracious. The beautiful things coming together and even falling apart during this time is truly a work of art. And finding beauty in breaking, molding and building a new woman in me is nothing short of miraculous. To take a step closer to my dreams. God's dream for me. Somehow it makes it all so fulfilling.

Although busy, and often times restless, I've kept calm in the mess. Surprisingly so! It's easy for me to lose peace when things get overwhelming. A good support team is important. God. Friends. And Coffee. Actually, I don't do too well without coffee. I could easily grow whiskers and claws. Pass me a grande Caramel Machiatto (White Chocolate Mocha or Cuban cafecito) and the disturbed kitty transforms into a princess again. I know what you are thinking. I need to quit coffee or worse that I am addicted. And maybe you are right. But I really love it. Here's a deal, I'll lower the dose as soon as more sleep is accomplished. :)

Most importantly, everyday I make the effort to look and feel my best. Inside and out. Physically and spiritually, they go hand-in-hand. A large dose of God, plus a dab of fashion to tackle my day. A true fashionista (in training!). Yes, it takes extra time but, really, it adds a few more hours to my day (it does... try it).

Looks like I'll make it to March!


  1. ha, I love this post! loved hanging out that Sunday :) I still feel like I'm "in training" when it comes to styling I must admit. Remember how I kept saying I'd feel better in a thrift shop? it's so true! I mean, the mannequins in stores do help but ultimately you want to end up dressing yourself, not the opposite (the stores and trends dressing you) so I'm in this learning process with you! ♥

    though we'll be chatting online, have a happy and lovely Monday and rest of the week lovely!

  2. I love these photos - so vintage and cute! And you look fab :)

    Have a great week girl! x


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