Monday, February 14, 2011

simply put

I love to write and over the years, I’ve been collecting an immense amount of memories, tears and victories. I’ve kept these private, of course. But as times change and technology robs humanity of basic privacies, I’ve been swayed by the wave of the social networking scheme and fallen in tune with the art of sharing with the world the ideas that roam in my head. Some of these ideas are not so great, but they express my humanity and path of seeking righteousness.

Singing has also been a long time companion through this road. It has been the best companion, well only after Jesus, carrying me and helping me make it. The gift to sing a melodious tune is one I will never trade or give up, it fulfills my soul, it makes my heart skip a beat and it expresses the emotions that mere words can’t convey alone. Sighs. Yes, I’m in love… with singing.

Although, I’ve walked with art, singing and writing, life hasn’t been easy. From a young age, my time has been filled with rain storms. I’ve carried heavy loads, difficulties and emotional struggles that commonly affect so many children in America due to divorce. When I look back my life is divided by so many years with Mom and then suddenly so many years with Dad. And then of course, the rest of them, me alone, making sense of it all. Down the road, I met Jesus. He saved me. He healed me. He made the difficult path bearable and possible to defeat. Through Him I learned it’s possible to survive the storm without grief. I learned to sing my way to joy in the middle of the storms. I’m eternally grateful.

Today, life is good… full of a promising future. It kinda makes me feel young again. I know, I know. I’m not over the hill but I’m not a kid anymore (well, always one at heart). I just mean that the plans I had for my future back in high school are long overdue. But I know that times have changed. And here I am, living the dream that I never dreamt. Recording an album. Growing in character – from feeble shrub to strong flower. I get to make a difference through humanitarian work and even role model for younger kids in my youth group. All undeservingly. Only by grace. So I’m fighting to enjoy every moment, to diminish the negative, and make it through victoriously.

So here’s to “singing in the rain”, to making life count and to living every moment for Love!


  1. I am so excited to read more of this! I am so glad that you started a blog! I love the pictures! I love everything about it :)

    ♥ you girl!

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