Friday, March 16, 2012

Things I've Learned

1. The lord sees our potential in such a different way than we do. But when both (His and ours) perceptions align and become our reality, we accomplish what he intends and we are satisfied.

2. We are never too strong. We always need to keep ourselves in check.

3. I can be my best critic and the best preacher. I know my weaknesses and I just have to speak truth to them like no one else would.

4. Sometimes doors open and they see right, but they are not. Always be open to seek God’s perfect will in every situation. (“A man makes his path, but in the end it leads to death” Prov.)

5. If you become so involved with God and his love for you, his great mercy, his power in you, ridiculousness is minimized in your life.

6. While God is doing amazing things with you, you are still imperfect but it’s no reason to feel a rush of guilt. Live out Jesus and don’t let the mundane things get in the way.

7. Being an open book doesn’t mean you share every detail with people, but you can start by answering honestly when they ask you how you are doing, instead of the automatic “I’m fine.” They’ll appreciate it.

8. Really allow your spiritual leader or pastor to help you lead your life. They usually have another perspective on things and want your best.

9. Learn from people who have been there. They really have the best insight.

10. Love yourself. Set the bar high for your value and worth. Don’t exaggerate it, but just walk around like the daughter of Christ you are, he doesn’t refer to us as royalty for nothing! 


  1. You're so dear to me! Thanks for sharing

  2. girl you are so wise:) i love all of these little nuggets of truth, especially about opening up to people vs. just saying "i'm fine." we are all a community of faith, and sharing our burdens only lifts us up!

  3. These are beautiful! Especially numbers 7 & 9.

  4. I would give anything for just a fraction of your wisdom. :)

  5. I love especially #1 and #3 :)
    Thanks for the encouragement today dear! The Lord is SO GOOD!
    Blessed be His name ;)

  6. ps. That picture of you at the top is stinkin' adorable! You look great. I wish I had your hair!!! Although I'd probably look horrible with it :(


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