Monday, March 12, 2012

my prayer

if for the rest of my life i am to live dying to myself so that i may please you, i shall do it. the only thing i ask lord is that you give me the strength to surrender my soul to you, daily, if that's what it takes. and in those moments when i feel like giving up. and in those moments when i want to go back to desiring what i want. and in those moments when my selfishness gets in the way. please, lord, please remind me that you are more than enough. and may i have the strength to repeat to myself that your ways are higher than my ways, your will is always better, that i love your will, and finally that your strength is mine. 

i love you... and it's only because you loved me first. 

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  1. thank you for this.

    i've been asking myself "do you really live and believe that Christ is MORE than enough?" sometimes I find it hard to answer this the RIGHT way, so I just answer honestly. sometimes Christ isn't enough... because I put so much more value in other things.

    thank you for sharing this :)


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