Friday, February 24, 2012

a few lessons learned in the past few weeks have taught me that i am my own worst enemy or my biggest cheerleader. i  chose the latter.

there's no better thing than to walk in freedom. just to throw away the thoughts, put down the shackles and convince yourself that it will be ok. that you dont need to beat yourself up for hoping for something you didnt get. or for trying something that didnt work. for taking a step that failed and now you are stuck. or for giving your heart to the wrong gal or guy and now you realize it was a mistake. you are left broken and done. it's alright.

you know, it's even ok if you just cry a few tears. laugh a little. and move on.

this song almost brought me to tears this morning. as i realized how blessed i am. and how many people are struggling, real deal struggles. i am blessed. and i want to just smile.

because my healer lives...

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  1. OMGOSH! That video almost brought me to tears!


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