Tuesday, January 10, 2012

treasures in my inbox

i love so many things about the blog world, but more than the encouraging posts, i love the encouraging comments on the posts.
some of my readers subscribe my email.
and often, i find little treasures in my inbox.
an amazing response that makes my day.
mostly because these people, are people i know in real life.
it makes it exciting.
yesterday, i loved the response i received to monday's post.
it was so encouraging that i got permission from the writer to post.
heyy. i can relate to this post! the main thing i got out of last year was maturity and growth. and it can be tedious and tiring like you say but rewarding (also like you say lol) thanks for sharing! the main lesson i'm carrying onto this year, though is Freedom. carrying and wearing it like a banner. when we delight in His freedom all the temporal stuff grows dim and the eternal things become everything. "Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom." 2 Corinthians 3:17 [I'm] seriously ready to not live in the past and to not dwell on the present but to live for something bigger than all of us. God is good and for that I praise Him because we may never get there until He comes but He already did it!!! I learned that with the "Do Something Now" film in Passion. The lady from Nepal who was abused for years both sexually and for labor talked about Jesus and what He's done in her life and it all made sense there. God's really got it under control. She just smiled and said that she now knows what true joy is and forgave all of the men who hurt her. Then I realized what true freedom is and that only Jesus can save and heal and nothing really matters but Him.
I don't know how to conclude this. I just felt like sharing. lol. Thanks for reading and I hope we all get to know this freedom like the girl from Nepal. love you, Jen.
thanks Camille, for your encouraging words.

i hope her words bless you too.
i send my love to all of you, who read, post and feel encouraged.
you will never know how much i've grown by means of this blog and the awesome blog people ive met.
thank you.


thank you for your lovely comments & check back for response!