Thursday, January 19, 2012

to the master

every morning i rise
often surrounded by the worries
by the concern of how to make it
through, today.

i worry about the pain,
the joy and even where to find
the strength,
and in you, i rest again.

i am surrounded
yet again
your grace and mercy
find me
they clothe me every morning
tenderly they walk beside me

they supress the weakness
push the strength
kick my fear in the face
they sit in the pit of my soul
filling it with promises
holding back the floods
of doubt and tears
seducing me with your love

how much more will you fight for me?
how much longer will you hold?
you never cease to surprise me
neither your comfort and love
you are committed to my survival
to my purpose and final resolve

i cant help but succumb 
put down my pride
and be your little girl
your million dollar baby
the precious, royal one
you have called

you see so much more
more than i can
a perfect canvas
to display your work
a jar of clay
in need of breaking
but all in all
perfect to be redone

i'll be your canvas
i'll be your clay
i choose to be your masterpiece
i choose to sing you praise
i will rest in silence,
in your refuge my heart will lay
i will trust in your command
master, i will be your slave 


  1. Awesome! Love it. I may have to use it in one of our newsletters :-)

    1. Thank you Jen. And you are free to use it. :P

  2. Your beautiful writing strikes a chord with me EVERY TIME> I can so relate to your words...wish that I knew how to express myself as wonderfully as you do.

  3. this is just wonderful. beautifully written.


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