Wednesday, January 18, 2012

one year ago today...

my friend jp and i took a trip to nashville
for the recording of our first album.
headed to nashville. we were somewhere in Atlanta when we took this photo.
it was an amazing experience.
and we were super excited, as you can see...
we spent long hours in a studio.
many more hours in a car. and fun times speeding to the airport.

but what was most amazing to me, was the experience of
working with top quality musicians who love jesus deeply
and are extremely humble.
oh, and the results were beyond our expectations.
in 2 days, we had all the music recorded for 99.9% of the album.

we will never forget these guys...

for those of you who may not know about our music,
feel free to visit


  1. happy album anniversary!
    It's been fun following your journey through your blog :)

    1. Thank you Ana!!
      The big day to celebrate will be the year anniversary of the release of the album, but really everything started to get serious on that trip. God has been so faithful!

  2. happy anniversary:) the way you share the gospel through your music is beyond inspiring. you are reaching people and impacting people through your beautiful spirit, sweet friend, including me!

    1. Thanks Courtney. It really is a great way to share the hope of Jesus. I enjoy it very much.

  3. Your music is so beautiful! Keep inspiring people with your voice, its what God has called you to do :) Happy anniversary

    1. Thanks Marsha. We released the album in May so thats another celebration. God has been so faithful throughout this experience and he has more for us!

  4. Happy Anniversary! =D Will be heading over to check out your fan page here in a bit too!

  5. 99% of the album in 2 days? that's incredible!
    looks like you had such a fun time too:)

    going to check out your music page nowww:)

    1. yeah it was. basically we just recorded all the music in those two days, but we had intense planning before we went to do the music recording. then to finish the whole thing, voices and finalizing it, took a good 3 to 4 months.

      awesome experience!


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