Thursday, December 8, 2011

somewhere in downtown

ONE Rally

our city is having a big conference next year.
and a rlly was done yesterday to get us in gear for what's coming

well it did what it set out to do
i left the theater inspired
and ready to make a difference
Christine Caine was the speaker
and she brought the house down
with her passionate talk about
in a different way then we have been doing it as a church
we need to unite

amen to that.

then we just enjoyed the city.
we rarely use a train here or anything other than a car
but last night we used the metrobus
it was a nice little adventure.

i'll leave you with a quote from last night:

"Sometimes we spend all our life trying to NOT be worldy and we define
Christianity by what we are not doing...
we have no idea what we are supposed to be doing!

Instead of being of the world, but not in it
we are out of the world
but of it!

Christianity is supposed to be a heart transfer.

You don't need to be guilted into doing anything for Jesus
if you are passionate about Jesus!"

Powerful, right?
you should join us in February


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