Monday, December 12, 2011

making it count

i love to do what I do. and every time a little girl like her comes to greet me after a worship service, i know that this is something so worthwhile and something i wouldn't mind doing forever. sometimes it's difficult getting up early and getting ready and rehearsing songs for hours, and sitting in the back of the church with a nice poster of jp and i. but when someone's life is touched, when someone feels changed by something God used in our music or worship or words, it makes it all worth it. knowing that we are doing just what the lord wanted us to be doing makes it all worth it. really.

are you where you need to be in your life? are you in the center of what you have been called to do?

as the year comes to a close some people start pondering on what their past year and inevitably some feel as their days have gone to waste. maybe things didnt work out as planned. maybe tragedies and storms or trials didnt help you reach your highest potential. all these things could have happened, but you know, we have a choice how we see today.

my year has not been all pretty roses. it's been a challenging year as well as one of wonderful opportunities. many things went well and others, failed. but i've chosen to enjoy all of it. to see it all as my ticket to growth and a new level of joy in the Lord. i am practicing lately that i have the choice of how i feel and how i react to my life now and even the life that has passed. you too have a choice on how you enjoy the rest of this year. and we have a choice of making it count.

my pastor says, it's not so much about how you started, but how you finish.

keep running, and finish well.


  1. Awesome encouragement! And she is too cute! =)

  2. She really is Natalie. I loved her from the moment i saw her.


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