Thursday, December 1, 2011

the season of cheer

december has arrived.
i felt him this morning as the chill touch of his embrace creeped in through my sheets.
it was surprising that his arrival would be this sweet and breezy and cool.
and like no other year december's cheer has captured my heart.

and now that december is here, i can't wait for lattes,
hot cocoa,
more family loving
(well i'll give it my best shot)
and gifts of love.

a year ago i was afraid of the end
almost sad at myself because i couldnt live the moment
i was struggling to end
but i remember today how the promise of a great 2011 came to me
and i was so ready to take on the new year that i forgot to enjoy last december
i couldnt have with all the doubt, insecurities and frustrations of 300+ days
that i had lived as a woman unlike my real self.

but there's truly something special about this year
and what it has meant to me
and there's something special about this december
because although it signals the ending of an amazing, difficult, rewarding year
it also brings with it an air, a feel of the new dawn that awaits me
the minute 2012 arrives

and im ready to meet the new year
with its new challenges, sunny and rainy days
i will walk it confidently with
all the lessons learned, my new sense of appreciation for the beauty within
 and an attitude of healing as i search my heart
and come to my true identity as a woman
a woman of high value because of the cross

there's no better way to begin the end
than with a new found love and acceptance
for this woman
that i've just discovered inside of me

and im ready to receive and give the cheer of the season around me
as well as the season in my heart.

are you excited this december?


  1. hello gorgeous! I am loving the new look on the blog, and the new about me portion as well.

  2. Thanks Ana! It's still under construction... but im getting there. :)


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