Friday, December 2, 2011

a friday confession

im not sure if you've noticed, but i love food posts. and food pictures.
and eating. ha!
and i've noticed that everywhere i go, if i have a cool looking plate,
i'm snapping a photo.
i have no shame anymore.

recently though, i've had the geunine desire to get in the kitchen and whip something up.
cooking is not something i do often, but it's something i believe is in my blood.
my family has great cooks, one of those being my father.
the man makes the best turkey i've had.
and whenever i need to get in the kitchen, i call him.

good cooking genes is something my grandma, who is no longer here, left me.
and it makes me proud to say that she was an amazing cook.
and my father carries that gift.
and i want to learn it, nurture it and put it to good practice
so that my grandma's legacy and recipes carry on forever.

preparing some pasta at our youth camp.

about a month ago my church held a youth camp and when the ladies that were assigned to cook didn't show up in time, i stepped up to the plate and without hesitation, began to cook ribs.


i know, this is a terrible photo.
i look pretty exhausted. as you can imagine if you've ever been a staff for a youth camp.
and then bloody ribs.
BUT i needed to show you proof.
and don't worry, i'll bring a hair net big enough next time. :)

it was the most fun i had in the kitchen. one, because the camp had an amazing restaurant-like kitchen with so much space. and two, because it blew me away that everyone allowed me to cook the main dish for about 80 people, for the first time.
and even better, they ate them all.

it felt great.
and i want to do it again.

this weekend my youth group is having a sort of belated thanksgiving dinner to celebrate our year together and enjoy each other. so with that said, i took the challenge to cook for this dinner. so i'll be whipping up the turkey. unfraid. well maybe a little.

wish me success...please.


  1. Cooking ribs? You go, girl! :) AND how did you manage to look so cute while doing it?

    Hope the turkey went well...I am sure it did! You rock! :D

  2. good for you! i would NOT be able to handle that task, haha

  3. thanks ashley! you are the sweetest.

    eva, it was a hard task but determination helped! :)


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