Tuesday, November 1, 2011

a letter to november

dear november, welcome home.

with you here, im closer to the end, which means it's also the beginning.

with you i pledge to travel unceansingly trying to see how i fit every family member to one of all the holidays around the corner, not an easy task to accomplish when all of them are scattered, but nonetheless a welcomed experience.

with you here, i have no fear to dust-off my boots, wear the hoodies, and walk outside comfortably. this sunshine state of mine likes you too, the sun is bright enough, and the breeze is cool enough (well at least it is today!).

with you arriving, i plan, pack and head to our annual youth camp this weekend with my lovely church fam. i cant wait to see everyone laughing, playing, worshiping, embracing, eating uncontrollably and running to win.

and most of all i cant wait to celebrate my mommy's birthday on your last day. it's quite an event for her and one for me as i think this year of how to make her feel loved, appreciated and forgiven. our past hasn't made it easy.

and with you here, i am closer to another season. a december that will be one to remember. i just know it.

thank you again, for joining me yet again on this journey. i commit to enjoying you to the very last bit of dawn you own.


  1. dear november,
    i love you.
    the end.

    that's my letter in a nutshell.
    yours is obviously, way better:-) xoxo

  2. november is such a fabulous month. if for no other reason than the grand feast that is thanksgiving. however, there are LOTS of other reasons, so yay:)

  3. november is amazing- the month before christmas :D
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling

  4. You make November sound so much more exxciting than it usually is for me :o) hehe. I think it's just that it's always such really busy month in school...but it's been such a great novmber weather wise so far! :o)
    Enjoy your november!


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