Friday, October 7, 2011

oh the bliss.

 as you can see, i keep bringing out album photos.
not to show off, but i just want to share them with you and  they turned out really good.
this is actually my favorite. we look so genuinely happy. and i love my hair in this photo.
in all honesty, i've eaten a lot more bread since (that was back in March)
and i've also trimmed my hair a bit,
which in curly world that equals to a 75% reduction in length.
no matter how little the trimming was. 

this photo makes me smile more today.
it makes me feel beautiful

when i look at it, i see carefree, genuinely, joyful jennifer
and i like that.
a lot.
and i want that.

and even though it may have been only a smile,
for a moment this photo captured the inner beauty
the special
glow. grace. joy.
that has been meaning to come out
to come free
from within me.

this week, i've enjoyed the realizations
and the freedom that i have achieved through this deeper analysis of myself
i've come to enjoy and see  how easy it can be to live free
if you just allow the Lord to do it in you.

letting go and working at it daily, pays off.
and im enthusiastic about each new day,
facing it with the utmost fear, but yet the utmost strength to conquer, and succeed
at living a life of joy and peace and service to the one who called me.

oh the bliss of loving of jesus.


  1. you two look fab!

    I don't what it is with smiles, happy people are the most beautiful people. A smile always add that extra glow,you know?

  2. That is an awesome picture !! I fell in love with it !

  3. that's a gorgeous capture of you--what a glimpse of the inside.
    the bliss and joy of knowing Jesus... ♥


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