Wednesday, August 24, 2011

a sign that im getting older soon. very soon actually.


blogger-buddy, courtney, over at vintch, started her post today about how the state fair coming to her town is a sign of her getting older. and as i read, i thought: a sign that im getting older each year, most years, is that a hurricane may land on my actual birthday. it happened in the past. when i turned 21 Katrina hit Florida. and with it's fiesty winds and fierce rain she washed-out my plans. nonetheless i managed to have a day to remember. a group of friends decided to stick it out with us and came over my house to hang out. during the hurricane. everything was fine until the lights when out, and well that's when they got better. we were up till like ... early hours. telling stories, laughing, eating. can't remember. and the next day we literatelly had to take a canoe to go accross the street. the communities here tend to flood easy with light rain, so imagine with downpour-katrina. it was not what i had planned for my birthday but at least it was one to remember.

this week, years later, we are being harrassed by Irene. she was expected to make her triumphant apperance on my birthday, tomorrow. but i prayed, not again, lord. especially cause it could ruin my travel plans to beautiful Rhode Island tomorrow. i wouldnt want to miss that. today reports seem to say that irene is just going to miss hitting us, and i'm glad. im praying no one else get's affected by her fury.


  1. Your 21st birthday definitely was one to remember. I was watching the news today, rumor has it Irene might pass by RI, fingers crossed it's just a rumor. I wouldn't want the hurricane to ruin our beach plans.

  2. Hope your birthday doesn't get ruined an that you have a lovely time at Rhode Island!
    Happy Birthday for tomorrow!!

    Abigail x

  3. I was in FL too during Katrina! Hope you have a wonderful birthday and safe travel to Rhode Island.

  4. at least it was a birthday to remember! here where I live the street get flooded pretty easily too!
    hope you're having a blessed week!


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